We are proud to offer the latest, state of the art, equipment and techniques for providing the best possible care for our patients.

Lasers On Site

Laser Treatment – used as an adjunct to conventional treatment of periodontal disease. Can help minimize recovery time and improve results.

AMD Picasso Lasers – The Picasso laser is a soft tissue diode laser . It is known for precision cuts with gum tissue, eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing healing time. Picasso is also being used to help sterilize canals in endodontics, treat periodontal disease, and aid in teeth whitening.

Laser Periodontal Care

Gingival (gum) tissue that has overgrown due to certain medications can be treated easily and without trauma using a soft tissue laser. In the past, periodontal (gum) surgery was usually painful and difficult, requiring multiple office visits and substantial recovery time. However, the evolution of laser technology has made it possible to treat gum disease quickly and effectively. Perhaps most importantly, the procedure is relatively pain free, allowing you to resume normal activity almost immediately. Laser therapy can be used to treat periodontal infections and disease; it can also be used to shape and contour the gums, creating symmetry in the gum line and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance overall.

Panoramic X-Ray

Allows dentist to check the health of the TMJ, wisdom teeth, and to screen for malignancies of the jaw and sinuses.


Cephalometric analysis is used in dentistry, and especially in orthodontics, to gauge the size and spacial relationships of the teeth, jaws, and cranium. This analysis informs treatment planning, quantifies changes during treatment, and provides data for clinical research.

Early Oral Cancer Screening

Through the use of a safe blue light, the dentist has the ability to check for any cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth.

In Office Whitening

Zoom, and home tray whitening systems to give the patient results that can be seen immediately after the first visit -up to 9 shades lighter! (individual results vary). This is done with a special light to enhance the action of the whitening agent applied to the teeth.

Intraoral Cameras to better see each tooth and restoration.Zeiss Xenon Microsocpe

Magnification with ZEISS Xenon microscope during dental procedures for more detailed finishing of cases.

Other In Office Technology

– Intraoral Cameras to better see each tooth and restoration.
– Zeiss Xenon Microsocpe
– Magnification with ZEISS Xenon microscope during dental procedures for more detailed finishing of cases.
– Comfortable patient treatment chairs.
– Flat screen TV’s and blankets in each treatment room.
– Fast curing lights for more efficient and long lasting bonded restorations
– Endodontic microscopes used in Endodontics
– EKG monitors used in Oral surgery
– Stryker motors and handpieces used in Oral surgery
– Nobel bio care motors and drills used in implant placement

CT Scan Machine
Styker handpiece setup for Oral Surgery
Endodontic Microscope
Picaso Laser
Picaso Laser
EKG Monitor System
Nobel Boicare Implant Systems