Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior individualized oral health care for the members of our community in a relaxed and compassionate atmosphere. For over 25 years, Omni Dental Group® has cared for patients in Austin, TX, striving for the most outstanding results possible with a team of specialists working side by side with general dentists. Using the latest techniques and materials, along with a combination of science and artistry, our skilled and experienced dentists can literally redesign your smile, improve quality of life and health, and correct a wide variety of dental problems. Our sophisticated and advanced technology makes painless dentistry a practical reality. In fact, our name Omni, meaning all inclusive, refers to the complete dental care that we offer through a variety of in house specialists including oral surgeons, periodontists, and endodontists to treat even the most complex dental needs. At Omni, our goal is to aspire to perfection by providing the highest quality care for our patients and to change lives by changing and improving smiles.